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Notebook and Laptop Lending: Home


Who can borrow a notebook (HP Stream) or laptop?

Currently enrolled CLC students with an ID and no holds on their records.

How do I borrow a device?

Visit any campus location.

Bring a current state issued ID or CLC Student ID. 

Sign a user agreement.

How long can I have it?

For the semester (limited 4 hours checkouts available at each campus location)

Where can I use device?

CLC, anywhere on campus! -- connect to the Internet via Lancernet

Home, etc. -- your personal network

What is the cost?

This service is free and is provided by CLC Library and CLC Information Technology Services. 

What if I return the device late or damaged, or it is stolen?

Over due fines are $10 per hour. 

If equipment is stolen or damaged while it is checked out to you, replacement costs for the notebook (HP Streams) are $350; cord $55; case, $50. Laptop, $1000. A $15 service fee will be charged for replacements.

What software is on the device?

Microsoft Office Suite

Internet Browser

How do I print or save information when using the device?

All files will be removed from the device at check in. You should save your files to a flash drive or to the cloud. Use CLC Print to send print jobs to CLC and print your work from any CLC printer/copier at your convenience.


  • Notebooks and laptops are available on a first come, first served basis.
  • Students are responsible for the device while it is checked out to them.
  • Students sign an agreement prior to checkout that explains responsibilities, fines, and repair or replacement costs. 

Overdue Fines or replacement Costs

  • Overdue fines accrue at $10 an hour.
  • If the device is lost, damaged or stolen, replacement costs for the notebook (HP Stream) are $350; cord $55, case, $50. Laptop, $1000. A $15 service fee will be charged for replacements.

Software, Saving and Printing

  • Notebooks and laptops come with Microsoft Office Suite 
  • Students may not alter, add, or delete software or hardware.
  • Students should save files to a flash drive or to the cloud.
  • Students may print using CLC Print

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