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Trying to link to a resource from our databases? Use a permalink to assure success.

What Is a Permalink?

A permalink is a permanent link to a web address, that is, one which is less susceptible to change than other web addresses. In order to successfully link to CLC resources, you'll likely need to use a permalink.

Why Use Permalinks?

Outside of the fact that a permalink takes a user directly to a source, using permalinks ensures copyright compliance when linking to items from Canvas or other course webpages. If you host an article directly within Canvas, you're infringing on someone's copywritten work and are liable for any negative outcome as a result of posting that work. To avoid this, provide a permalink to the document whenever possible. When linking to items containted within a library database, you are ensuring compliance!


Some of our databases use permalinks that include the following string of information . If, however, that information is NOT included in the permalink, you'll need to include it yourself. This ensures that students who are off campus are routed through our services, are asked to log in with their CLC credentials, and can then access the document. Simply copy and paste the following in front of the article's URL (only if it's not already there!):



To convert a URL, copy it into the form and then click on the View Link button.



For your own purposes, you can also use our bookmarklet to quickly load items via CLC's subscription services when you're off campus.


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