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Open Educational Resources: Creating your own OER Texts

Citing OERs

Open attribution builder to help you cite open sources.

Ted Ed

Create a lesson by adding questions, discussion topics and other supplementary materials to Ted Talks or any educational video on YouTube.

YouTube Video Editor

Brief tutorial on using YouTube's video editor to customize OER videos for your class.

The Creation Process

So, you have looked around at some of the existing open textbooks out there and:

  1. You found a source that you can use as is (or with minor modifications to fit your course).
  2. You found multiple sources to combine elements of each into your own unique text.
  3. You didn't find a source that fits your needs and need to develop something from scratch. 

Step One: Create a table of contents or syllabus for your course

Step Two: Identify how the open text book materials align with the course objectives or topics of your course

Step Three: Which open source resources do you want to use and what type of content will you include?

Step Four: What tools, software, and/or system will you use to develop the open resource for your course?

Step Five: How will you implement the OER?  How will your students use it?

Step Six: How will you evaluate the success of your OER with students?‚Äč

OER and Accessibility

Just like traditional textbooks, open educational materials must be accessible to all students.  Below are links to organizations helping faculty adapt OERs to accessibility standards.

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