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Bookmarklet for Off Campus URLs: Home

What this bookmarklet does

If you are trying to access licensed content under a paid suscription, you can identify yourself as a valid CLC user by clicking on the bookmarklet in your list of bookmarks.

This will redirect you to a page where you can login with your CLC ID and gain access to the licensed content.

Please Note: This will only work for URLs to resources for which CLC has a paid subscription!

Using the Bookmarklet

After installing the bookmarklet simply:

  1. Navigate to the page you want to view
  2. Click on the bookmarklet bookmark
  3. Enter your CLC ID number
  4. View your content!

Reminder: The bookmarklet only works for items the CLC library subscribes to!

Install Bookmarket

How to install the bookmarklet


Right click on this link:

Load via CLC Library
Select Bookmark This Link. Alternatively, click and drag the link to your Bookmarks toolbar.

Internet Explorer

Right click on this link

Load via CLC Library
Select Add to Favorites... You may be prompted with a security alert that You are adding a favorite that may not be safe. Do you want to continue? It is safe to click Yes to continue.


Click and drag the link to your Bookmarks toolbar.
Load via CLC Library 


Click on and drag this link to your Bookmarks bar:

Load via CLC Library

Tablet (Tested for iPad) With Browser Bookmarking Capabilities

  1. Bookmark this page (in Safari, choose the "Send To" icon and select Bookmark). Name it whatever you want for now.
  2. Select and copy the following Javascript text: javascript:void(location.href=''+location.href)
  3. Go to your bookmarks (in Safari, the open book icon next to the "send to" icon) and tap "edit."
  4. Choose the bookmark you added in step 1 above, edit the name (if desired) and edit the URL pasting the Javascript text you just copied into the field for the URL.


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