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BB Appointment - 6:00pm - June 30: Oppidan Spirits - Waukegan, IL

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The first thing I tried to determine is what type of business would be classified as - so I looked through the NAICS codes:  

Knowing the proper NAICS code helps inform me of finding industry and financial reports about this type of business - so next, I look for Industry Data in both IBIS World & Mergent:

Next, I try to find some kind of financial data. Mergent is typically very good at finding this information at the company level. However, in our case, it is a bit challenging because Oppidan Spirits is small and privately owned - so we may need to look at something similar in size and location.   

From here you want to read each of the reports and dig deeper into your research- try to piece together your SPENT talking points. So, for example, from our Mergent First Research Report, I learned that a big challenge for Distilleries is the prince of grain - maybe I'd want to take a closer look at that.  Now, I'll jump into Business Source Ultimate to see if I can find more information about that. 

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