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Business Marketing: Marketing Plan Assignment

Business Marketing

Marketing Plan Assignment

Tutorials for Marketing Plan Assignment


The tutorials for Using Mergent Intellect (with Hoover’s data), Business Source Elite, IBIS World, and Business Source Ultimate  were created to guide the Business Marketing students through the process of how to find financial information for their marketing plans. These videos are all posted in the respective Blackboard shells for access within the class, but they are provided here so students (and librarians) can access them from this Research Guide as well.

  1. Mergent Intellect (with Hoover’s data). 
  2. Business Source Elite   
  3. IBIS World  (For Business Industry information)

Company & Competitor Information--Environmental, Social, Economic, Technological, Regulatory

A good place find background information is the company website. If your company does not have a website, you can sometimes find some relevant industry information on competitors or related company websites, as many of the same issues will affect those companies. 

In addition to company websites, a good place to find industry information is on trade association websites. For example, the Pizza Industry Council has good market data for pizza restaurants. You can find appropriate trade associations by putting the following search in Google. "trade associations" and "name of industry" (like electronics or lawn care)

Some Tips on Finding Local Business Regulations

To find business regulations to specific cities, villages, and towns, it is most helpful to go to the website of that specific municipality. For example, if you were looking for regulations for a company in Waukegan, you would go to the Waukegan city website and there is a tab on the front page titled "Business." Click on that tab and you will find relevant licensing and other regulations. You can find the website for your community by searching the name of the village in Google. 

NAICS Codes-- To help find industry data

Consumer Analysis--Demographics, Geographic, etc.

Google Web Search

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